Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Growth Through Participation

One of the amazing things we can see in the Gospel Narratives is just how quickly Jesus decides to send out his 12 disciples with his mission. In the Gospel of Matthew, he begins the process of selecting his 12 disciples in chapter four, and sends them out into the world in chapter 10.
The fact that Jesus made this leap so quickly is shocking.
How could he possibly think that these men were ready?
How could he be confident that they knew what they were doing?
Sure they had seen a lot up to this point, but it is not possible that they could have fully grasped the message of Jesus.
The more time I look at this passage and timeline, I start wondering if maybe the point that Jesus is trying to make with his actions is that there is a great deal of GROWTH that can come from PARTICIPATING.
Maybe he is saying that preparation does not only come from listening.
As many of you are aware, AFE celebrated its first graduating class last year. In an effort to allow our graduates the opportunity to give back and to also grow in their own maturity as adults in this world, AFE has provided the opportunity for several students to teach in the afternoon for our adult education. Although it has been a big step for them, they have welcomed the challenge and are finding GROWTH through PARTICIPATION.