1. How can I get involved?
You can give, you can pray, you can volunteer. Check out AFE’s website to learn more.

2. Can I sponsor a child at AFE?

Of course! Sponsoring a child at AFE allows a child from the garbage dump to experience the life-change that AFE offers them in Jesus. Find out more about sponsoring a child at AFE on its website.

3. How often is this blog updated?

- Every Monday, barring unforseen events such as protests, power outages, etc.

4. I would like more pictures of AFE’s children. Where do I find them?

Check out AFE’s picasa web albums at:

5. I would like to come down to Honduras for a short period to help. How do I do so?

AFE’s volunteer positions are currently filled until June 2012. Contact Rey Diaz to apply for a position starting after June 2012. Spanish proficiency is required.

6. Can you put me on the mailing list for the paper newsletter?

In the future, the paper newsletters will only be mailed out to those who give monthly (such as through the sponsorship program), to help save on printing costs. However, you can download and print your own copies of past newsletters on the front page of this site under “Archived Newsletters.”

7. Can you put me on the mailing list for the email newsletter?

Sure, contact to get on the e-news list.

8. Can I contribute an article to this blog?

Yes, contact Elise if you have an article and she will edit and publish it if it fits.