Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks for Your Prayers!

This year we were blessed when the Central American Orchestra decided to donate the proceeds of their Christmas concert to AFE. How this came to be is a long story of God's extraordinary provision, but the ramifications of this small decision were amazing.

AFE was featured on Honduras' most-watched morning news show, "Frente a Frente" (face to face). Pastor Jeony, Jesi, Rey, and five AFE young people were interviewed on the show that the entire country of Honduras watches in a two-hour special feature. Amazing garbage-dump footage was shown in the background of the children's testimonies, bringing many viewers to tears. The news team came to AFE and videotaped this year's graduation and promoted our web address. Now Pastor Jeony and Rey can barely keep up with all the emails and offers to help that have locally. Some of these include:

1. Two scholarships donated to the most expensive university in all of Honduras.

2. A personal visit from the Mayor's wife and her pledged support of the project.

3. Land offered, lawyer's services donated, we could go on and on.

Thanks you so much for all of your prayers, we are excited to see what will come of this publicity and what God will do next!

Here is a link to a segment of the show, "Frente a Frente" (and yes, it is in Spanish).

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