Monday, February 21, 2011

A Teacher and a Nurse

Two years ago we met them…an idealistic young couple with the glint of a dream in their eyes. Like many before them, they told us they wanted to come to Honduras and help AFE. Expecting their passion to fade with time, we gave the perfunctorily response: “Sure, sure, that would be great!” But the next time they came down with a medical brigade they were even more determined.

Today AFE is happy to call Adam and Hollie Macenczak part of our family. God couldn’t have chosen a better couple or a better time. Adam’s background is in Christian education – at the junior high level. Hollie has experience in the ER as a nurse. With more and more grades at AFE moving up, there is a great demand for teachers qualified to teach higher-level courses. With the Miller family’s departure to the United States, a hole has been left in AFE’s health programming. Adam and Hollie couldn’t have come at a better time.

Adam and Hollie first discovered AFE when they came on a short-term mission trip with their friend, Jacobo Solimon. Jacobo Solimon lives in Atlanta and attends Christian Church Buckhead, but he is originally from Honduras. His family, the Solimons, are founding members of AFE’s church, Amor y Vida, and have been faithful supporters of AFE. Adam and Hollie are supported by their church, Christian Church at Buckhead, and by Snellville Christian Church in Snellville, Georgia. They have come to AFE and Honduras through the missionary organization Soar Ministries in Georgia.

Before joining AFE as full-time missionaries this January, they studied Spanish in an immersion school in Antigua, Guatemala and La Ceiba, Honduras. They plan to serve at AFE for the next five years and we couldn’t be happier. Pray that God would bless the Macenczak’s for their sacrifice leaving family and friends to invest five years of their lives in service to garbage dump workers. You can follow along with Adam and Hollie’s adventures on their blog, “Poco a Poco.”

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