Monday, March 21, 2011

Turning the Tide

In every Great War there is often one battle that turns the tide. Waterloo, Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, Stalingrad…

It may not look like it, but AFE is at war here in Honduras. We wage war daily against the powers of darkness and the garbage dump culture to save these children’s lives. It sometimes seems hopeless in the beginning. Often, these children’s lives begin in a place of darkness and despair…like little Jose Dario in the nursery. His mother gritted her teeth then screamed him out of her, into the garbage-strewn shack which was their home. She suffered through the messy labor alone, except for her the company of her three other babies and toddlers (I can’t imagine the effect witnessing this struggle had on them). When Jose Dario was born, it was without a father and without an identity in the larger world. There was no record of his birth; in fact, there had never even been a record of his mother’s birth. He was born into a family entrenched with the garbage-dump life for generations.

Yet, we dare to dream for Jose Dario. Just as we have dreamed for countless others before him. As they progress through kindergarten and learn such basics as how to hold a pencil and say “good morning” to their teachers. As the children receive the priceless gift of literacy and begin to linger in the library, hoping for someone to read with them. As the children develop their self-esteem and friendships that will change their lives, we have dreamed for them. And you have
dreamed with them too.

Every time you came to visit from far away you would look a child in the eye and say, “See you at the University.” And AFE’s teachers crossed their fingers behind their backs and dared to believe that it was possible.

Today I am elated to announce that yes, it is possible, and in eight months we will see our dreams come true. Nine very intelligent, future leaders of society will graduate from AFE in December. They come from a community with no more than a third-grade education, a community that never dreamed of leaving the garbage dump. Yet, they will graduate high school and go on to college.

We would like to invite you to share our joy and God’s triumph on December 10th, when we watch nine young people graduate from AFE, and take their first step into the big world.

To RSVP for AFE’s first high school graduation, contact

To learn about how you can help send AFE children to college and help their dreams to come true, download: “See You at the University” (RIGHT), or simply go onto AFE’s website and give what you can toward a college scholarship.

Watch a video
with each of our nine champions sharing about this victory:

On behalf of everyone at AFE, thank you for joining us in this battle for the children’s lives, it is inspiring to see how deeply God loves them, so much so that he calls people from far away to make His plans a reality. Thank you for dreaming with us.

Rene Daniel Elvir Giron was the first child
Pastor Jeony rescued from the garbage dump.
Next year he will study engineering at a university in Tegucigalpa.

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