Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Last Leg of the Journey

For ten years AFE and its friends have looked into the eyes of their students and said, “See you at a university!”

We are on the cusp of seeing this dream realized. But to the children who wait eagerly for graduation day (Dec 10th, 2012), the date couldn’t be any further away.

Before they graduate AFE’s seniors must complete 240 hours of community service (a requirement from the Honduras government). Not just any community service. 80 hours of construction. 80 hours of farming. 80 hours in health care. “The idea behind this”, says Jesi Ordonez, AFE’s principal, “is that young people would get some work experience before they graduate.”

But AFE’s young people are tired. And their grades are slipping. With the difficult subjects of biology and chemistry, this year’s classes are the hardest. “Will, we ever make it there?!”

AFE is working hard to motivate its students for the last, most difficult haul upward. Next week they will visit local colleges to get inspired. Then they will begin studying for their admissions exams. But the next six months will need a lot of prayer. Please pray that AFE’s students will not lose sight of their goal and that they will work hard and sacrifice to see their dreams become reality.

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  1. That is quite a requirement. I will pray that all the seniors will have the determination to see this thru to graduation.