Monday, July 4, 2011

Progress in AFE's Clinic

In January AFE’s nurse, Hollie Macenczack, began working toward a clinic for the children and families of the garbage dump. The task, while seemingly simple, is a complicated and daunting one. In the garbage dump of Tegucigalpa (and all over the world), sit many abandoned clinics, which began with flash and excitement, but eventually became vacant when the international do-gooders who started them returned to their homeland.

We did not want this to happen with AFE’s clinic. Along with AFE’s overall vision, we dreamed of building a clinic that would be long-term sustainable, that would incorporate local (Honduran leadership), and that would meet the needs of garbage worker in a holistic way.

Hollie began the task by learning about the health needs of the garbage dump community and making connections with medical personnel in the area. She has also set up a small clinic/office near AFE’s administrative offices, at which she attends to the daily health needs of AFE’s students and stores medical supplies.
During the week Hollie helps families to make appointments for AFE’s clinic hours, in which a Honduran doctor (Carlos Escobar) sees patients.

More and more patients are coming as they learn about the availability. And more and more connections are made, both locally and abroad, as people get behind this beautiful idea of a locally-led, sustainable clinic for garbage workers.

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  1. and thank you HRC for the AC unit that makes the clinic possible.