Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Family Planning comes to AFE

The AFE Clinic proudly welcomes the new addition of family planning to services provided. As you might know from another recent blog, family planning is essential in controlling family size, and in turn, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Through another NGO clinic/hospital located in Tegucigalpa called ASHONPLAFA, we are able to provide a reduced cost of 25 lempiras for a 3-month injection or 1-month injection or pills. So, for about $1.50, a woman can receive birth control. ASHONPLAFA is an organization that specializes in women’s health, and is the one that recently provided the tubal ligation surgeries for moms at AFE. They are a pleasure to work with because they are heavily invested in health education and prevention instead of only providing the treatment itself.

Our prayer is that through this connection with ASHONPLAFA, we will be able to continue to work towards breaking the cycle of poverty for our children and their families in the Trash Dump.

Johanna is a mother and student at AFE who is
participating in the Family Planning Program

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