Thursday, March 22, 2012

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Recently, there have been some exciting new developments at AFE related to healthcare.

Hollie, the school nurse, continues to treat patients from the trash dump community in a small room located at the school, but there is a new clinic building in the making. This clinic will host a small waiting room, bathroom, office, exam room, and pharmacy. In a few months, there will be efficient use of space to see more patients on a regular basis with the help of a Honduran doctor.

During this construction project, God continues to direct and bless this ministry.
Two weeks ago, AFE hosted a visiting doctor and two nurses from a health center in Tegucigalpa who performed Pap smears for mothers and family members of AFE students. The day was a success with a total of 17 women who came for appointments. As you may already know, Pap smears are crucial in the detection of pre-cancerous cells that lead to cervical cancer. It is extremely difficult to convince women from this culture of the importance of this exam due to fear and embarrassment. However, the turnout was exceptional according to the doctor. He normally expects no more than eight or nine women when visiting communities, and was surprised and pleased at the great turnout.

Because of the partnership with Pap smears from the health center, Hollie is now able to provide free birth control methods for women of AFE families and other patients from the community. As AFE continues to work toward breaking the cycle of poverty for our families in the garbage dump, family planning plays a large part in this. As mothers have more babies, this only complicates existing poverty and health problems.
In addition to family planning, AFE has recently provided free tubal ligation surgery for interested mothers at AFE. Tubal ligation is a form of permanent sterilization for women who are ready to have no more children. There are four women who have overcome the social pressures and stigmas and have taken this brave step in improving their life and the lives of their families.

Please continue to pray with us as we continue to support the women of AFE and continue clinic planning.

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