Monday, April 2, 2012

Three lives rescued from the Trash Dump

AFE proudly welcomes three new babies to the nursery this week: Jefferson, Genesis, and Angie.

Jefferson is a 2-month-old with a full head of hair that came to AFE’s clinic a week ago severely dehydrated. His mother is 14 years old and has been leaving him in a cardboard box in the trash dump while she scavenges and collects trash to recycle. After less than a week in AFE’s nursery, Jefferson is drinking milk more regularly, making wet diapers, and all together is recovering from his dangerously dehydrated state. His mom is now an afternoon student at AFE and is learning how to take care of her baby through personal health education classes.

3-month-old Genesis and 2-year-old Angie are adorable sisters. Their mom is also young and works in the trash dump. Under the loving care of nursery workers Jenny, Claudia, and Suyapa, these precious babies will receive daily baths, wear clean clothes, eat regular meals, have nap time, and begin to learn and experience God’s love for them.

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